Farm Fresh PEI Oysters

Grown in cold clean Island waters, our premium grade oyster brands - Avonlea Petites, Princess Delights and Southwest Sensations - are sure to please everyone from the oyster connoisseur to the adventurous foodie.

Taste for yourself the natural sea flavours of Prince Edward Aqua Farms Oysters — from our bays to your plate!

Our Avonlea Petites™ are the ideal cocktail oyster with a delicate sea-foam brine, an aroma of sea stones at low tide, and a earthiness that comes through with a light creamy finish. A beautiful dainty oyster perfect for a newcomer that would pare expertly with a light fresh garnish.

Cocktail Choice Oysters ( 2.5 “ - 3” )
Grown 5 years to maturity
Fresh/Live in the Shell
Packed 100 count

Princess Delights™ are oysters worth savouring! Deep buttery earthy notes, well-balanced saltyness and richness with a crisp texture and bite. Surprisingly fresh flavour that is seductive to the palate as each layer gently reveals itself. A delight to cook with while maintaining the original depth of taste.
Small Choice Oysters  ( 3” – 3.25” )
Grown 6 years to maturity
Fresh/Live in the Shell
Packed 100 count

Southwest Sensations™
The Southwest Sensations™ oyster is a showstopper. Perfect to serve at a cocktail party, black tie event or a special occasion. A deep salty brine and meatiness that cannot be ignored. Impressively sized with a velvety creamy texture that envelopes the earthiness without intimidating the taste profile. The top choice for any foodie that appreciates a bold flavoured oyster.

Large Choice Oysters  ( 3.25” + )
Grown 7+ years to maturity
Fresh/Live in the Shell
Packed 65 count
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