Wild PEI Oysters

Individually rugged textured shells formed by Prince Edward Island's currents, with unique flavours that embody the sea bed from which they grow. We are proud to offer some of the best PEI Wild Oysters in the world with our brands — Island Gold™, North Shore Gold™ and Osprey Point™. 

PEI Wild Oysters showcase the distinct flavours which made Prince Edward Island oysters world-famous since the early 1900's. It's this reputation for premium fresh-from-the-sea natural flavours that make our wild oysters a must-have for any customer.

Our wild oyster brands are designated into two grades; Choice and Standard. Choice is the top grade for oysters, and are ideal for serving on the half shell. Shells are round and deep ensuring a full, plump oyster. They are easy to shuck and have a salty taste with a sweet finish. Standard oysters have a slightly irregular shape with the same flavour as Choice, but are an excellent choice for cooking or frying.

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Farm Fresh PEI Oysters

Grown in our natural cold clean Island waters, our farm fresh Oysters carry the flavour of the sea from our shores to your plate. Farm raised on the surface water with suspension cultures for a period of time prior to being placed at the bottom of the bay to continue growing to achieve a uniform deep cup to assure a consistent plump meat yield and robust flavoured liquor.

Our premium grade Oyster brands - Avonlea Petites™, Princess Delights™ and Southwest Sensations™ are sure to please everyone from the Oyster connoisseur to the occasional oyster foodie. Farm raised fresh Oysters grown and nurtured in the most pristine waters around our Prince Edward Island with such flavourful distinction that each one is memorable in it’s own way.

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